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grsecurity + vserver patches for 2.6 kernels.

* 20120530: Time to spin another round.. this time i stick to the stable 3.2.18 kernel... please test and report!

* 20100616: an important bug has been fixed (kernel panics because of a REFCOUNT overflow)

* watch out for chroot restrictions, since vserver uses chroot ;)
  some sane defaults:
  # CONFIG_GRKERNSEC_CHROOT_UNIX # if you want to use sockets inside vservers
  # CONFIG_GRKERNSEC_CHROOT_FINDTASK is not set # don't enable this if you plan to use chroot stuff in vps'es, if not: go right ahead... not that it's very useful in vservers... ;)
  20100621: from now on, all the "best to disable" options are enforced by the resulting kernel itself... enjoy

  Just remember that vserver is based around the use of chroot and a lot of it's options. Maybe it's a good idea to disable chroot restrictions all together...

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